By working together, Wellis achieved growing from a national family business to Europe’s leading massage pool manufacturer. Of course, for Wellis to become a defining brand in more countries and to reach more partners, we need a lot of work. On one hand the continuous development and renewal of the manufacturing process is essential for staying one step ahead of the competitors.

From family business to one of the world’s biggest manufacturers

Wellis Magyarország Zrt. as a Hungarian manufacturer plays a market leader role among wellness appliance manufacturer and distributor companies. Thanks to continuous capacity increase and development, it became Europe’s biggest jacuzzi manufacturer.

After a few years, the early import products have been replaced by a multitude of products of own design and production.

There are outstanding milestones in every company’s history. At Wellis the last turning point occurred in late 2015. Our 10.000m2 production plant was handed over making the production take place in almost 17.000m2 nowadays. The huge complex, equipped with high-tech production tools was induced by increasing market demand and the strive for quality manufacturing technology. We are trying to meet customers’ expectations with the help of modern equipment and a high level of professional competence. Thanks to the significant investment, manufacturing up to 20.000 pools a year became achievable.

Thanks to the steady growth, today we ensure a wide circle of suppliers, enabling us to offer excellent quality accessories at the best prices.

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